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Updated: Jan 2, 2021

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"For He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things." Psalm 107:9

My faith in God began as a child. My walk with Christ began in 2014. The verse "For He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things," has great meaning to me. This verse doesn't just say He satisfies the thirsty with water and fills the hungry with food. It says He satisfies and fills with good things! I just love this verse for this very reason as I can testify to the meaning behind it from my own experiences.

When I am hungry and thirsty for meaning or purpose and seek after a closer relationship with God, He satisfies and fills me up in a way where nothing else can. No matter our sins or wrong doings, He still graciously and sacrificially extends His love, along with a relationship with Him.

We are all on our own unique journey and it's never ending until our last breath. We have all been presented with our own challenges and heartache in life. When we strive to heal from or overcome these difficult times, there awaits the opportunity to learn and grow into a person we can choose to love.

I have been dealt some difficult things in my life (some out of my control) and a lot of the time when I couldn't deal with what was dealt to me, I said peace out! Have you heard of fight or flight mode? Well, I would tend to take the next flight out of any situation instead of facing it. Sometimes I would check out mentally or sometimes physically, either way, I'd tell myself I am not dealing with this, I don't need this, and I would run. Running was my defense mechanism, to not allow myself to hurt too much for too long.

While running in multiple directions for years, I would feel lost or unsettled, and in other times feel like I was right where I needed to be. I was trying to find my identity and self-worth through a job title and trying to find love through unhealthy relationships. Multiple jobs later, I still felt a void inside. After dating different guys, and moving to different places, I was far from finding love. I would say I was trying to live life on my own terms and not the life God intended for me to experience. I kept getting in to the same old cycle of finding temporary fulfillment, feeling unsettled again, and then running off to find "happiness" elsewhere.

That same old cycle came to a halt when I became pregnant out of wedlock in 2013. There was no option to run from this in my eyes, I had to face this. My thought was, "Woah... I am really going to be a mother and I am going to give this my best shot." Truthfully, I had know idea how. My boyfriend David at the time (now my husband) and I had no idea how to give this our best shot. We both felt unsettled and apprehensive, but also excited for this new adventure.

I am now a mother of 2 amazing little boys, a wife to a husband who is literally my soul mate and supports all my endeavors. I have a BA in Communications, an Esthetician License, a Dental Assistant Certification, oh and now a blog :). After having our first son (Mason), there was still a void I was trying to fill. I felt alone, unfulfilled, unworthy, and lost after trying different jobs. I had no idea what I wanted to do and was confused on if I should be staying home with my son or working.

I felt inadequate as a new mom at times and continued searching for contentment in all the wrong places in which none were fulfilling me. Anxiety started to creep in, because I was in a situation that I finally had to face. I could no longer run from my reality. I was now a mother and a wife to people who needed me which was an overwhelming thought at the time. I was left to face my fears and my feelings.

Thankfully, through self-reflection, lots of reading, guidance from family and peers, counseling, bible studies, and continuous effort, my faith is growing immensely and those feelings have subsided. This time, instead of running from circumstances, I chose to do life with Christ. My husband and I re-dedicated our lives to Christ together after marrying each other on September 14, 2014.

This does not mean I've had no more anxiety, or difficult things to overcome, but it does mean that I'm learning to love myself even when I mess up. I'm learning to not be so hard on myself and to not live in fear. I am learning that I can't do it all and that "busyness" can distract me from true meaning. I am learning that I am loved and forgiven by my creator who wants the best for my soul.

This blog serves as my reminder to find joy and fulfillment in the most simplest things (hence the blog name Little Simple Things), but most importantly to give God all the glory for all He does.

I am beyond grateful that you're here to join me on this journey. I started this blog to help others and myself live the life we were created for. In the midst of this busy cultural norm, my hope is that we slow down long enough to fill our cups and feed our souls. This blog serves as my reminder to find joy and fulfillment in the most simplest things (hence the blog name Little Simple Things), but most importantly to give God all the glory for all He does.

He has pulled me and continues to pull me through some of my toughest times, yet offers so much grace and love in return. My hope is that through my writing, others will see how a life with Christ is not one of perfection, but one of transformation filled with unexplained peace, joy, and breakthrough moments!

Through my posts, I hope you feel inspired to grow and to stretch yourself because this life my friend is better with purpose. Imagine that overwhelming peace when you are sitting in front of the ocean...starring out at the vast water, amazed at the beauty of it all. Your heart becomes so full and thankful for all the little simple things that surround us in this life.

Remember that feeling of the fresh breeze on your face and sand in your toes? Remember when you feel full of life? This is the same peace and fullness God offers each of us everyday. Not just when we are sitting on the beach, but when we are sitting on our couch or laying in our bed.

For He satisfies us with those "good things". He satisfies us with His peace. He satisfies us with His love. He is constantly reminding me with breakthrough moments that He is the only one who can truly fill my cup. He is truly the only one who can fill my voids.

"Your heart becomes so full and thankful for all the little simple things that surrounds us."

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