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Devotional 06/03/20 - We All Need Jesus

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Acts 15:9 says it well. All of our hearts need to be in the right place. All of us need Jesus. All need to be educated with scripture. I say this over and over again. Without faith, what do any of us really have?

People will always fail you. We all sin. God is the only one in our lives who remains constant. Who else can you take your anger to? Your frustration? Your misunderstandings?

God wants to help purify our hearts if we let Him. Today, I pray for all those hurting for very valid reasons. I pray for those who feel alone. For those who feel angry. Dear Father, our world is unjust and unfair. The enemy wants division, and that’s what we are giving him. I pray for all those who feel raged, discriminated against, and for the lonely.

Father, please light a fire in our souls and point our eyes to you someway somehow. YOU are truly the only way out of any of this. YOU are the only one who can change and purify hearts of ALL people. We all need Jesus no matter who we are or our skin color. Remind us of your power Father. Thank you for allowing us to be forgiven, over and over again. I pray that change come for all of us in a way that will honor Your will for each of our lives. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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